Little Lesson

I watched a little squirrel

by Demetrius

by Demetrius

dash into the road.

Darting back and forth,

it couldn’t decide

which way to go.

Although the driver

tried to dodge,

it seemed impossible

to avoid it.

“If only,” I thought

“it would pick one direction

and just keep going.”

But to my sorrow,

it did not, and I felt

the sickening collision.

The poor little thing,

run over by indecision.

© 2013 DarEll S. Hoskisson

One thought on “Little Lesson

  1. I’ve watched this happen when a friend or leader wants the input of another before making decisions. When the other friend or group member is not able to decide or express their opinion, the first has no choice but to go ahead, unaware of the preferences they wanted to consider.


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