Do Not Memorialize Me

When I die,
especially if I die a tragic or violent death,
do not memorialize me.

Do not give permanence to the pain.
Do not give the enemy fame.
Do not spend a dime on me
past what I need.
Do not pass on the painful story
to infect a new generation with worry.
Just let the deed die with me,
and instead, don’t live dead.

If you really want to honor me,
dare to dream and move ahead.
Explore, create, and find a way
to really live up to your best self.

And then, if that is not enough,
I know just what I would ask:
Love someone a little more.
Include someone who feels left out.
Share yourself to relieve the suffering or poor.
To honor me,
just help one more.

© 2012 DarEll S. Hoskisson

Written 9/11/12

Posted today as my thoughts are directed toward the memorial service of the police officer recently gunned down by the bombing suspects.

I wrote this last year in response to the controversial cost of the proposed memorial site of 9/11.  I mean absolutely no disrespect to those who feel that monuments are worth the costs involved.  I also mean no disrespect to anyone violently killed or otherwise who has died.  Of course people need to heal however is best for them.

Also, I understand the purpose of educating people to prevent future disasters.  My children are exposed for an entire month each year to the horrors of  Germany’s concentration camps.  This, to me, is complete overkill.  You don’t have to know every gory detail to make a better choice.

This poem simply expresses how I feel.   If there is to be a monument to me, I hope it would be a living one.  A living legacy, would be, to me, the most useful monument of all and perhaps the most meaningful.


The Finish Line

Siverstone at the start-finish line

Siverstone at the start-finish line (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Racing, pacing forward

toward a line not seen

unaware that it was also racing

back with careless tragedy

fame of a sort

no one wanted or looked for

pursued instead for vigorous, long life


the unity of heart beats

pounding out with a chorus

of a thousand footsteps


The breathing of a nation

waits to understand

an answer that will not come.

This was planned.

The fear whispers

 life’s one definite truth:

don’t take life for granted,

the finish line comes to you.

© 2013 DarEll S. Hoskisson (dsh)


The light is gone from your windows.

It’s clear that no one’s home.

Once bright and vibrantly full of life,

now a dark, exoskeleton-like stare.

I felt it. The vacancy

left a void inside my heart.

Now the house haunts me

with memories,

as I wait, in vain,

watching for your return.

© 2013 DarEll S. Hoskisson (dsh)