Treadmill, frightful, boredom

English: Gentaur schedule

English: Gentaur schedule (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

demanding, intimidating, impossible

slow, tedious, mind-numbing

impersonal, task-oriented, bossy

inflexible limits

Predictable accomplishment,

successful trade offs and juggling,

realistic planning and pacing

In control, efficient



© 2013 DarEll S. Hoskisson (dsh)

Insecurity or pursuit?

A Weaving Path Through the Wetlands

A Weaving Path Through the Wetlands (Photo credit: Stuck in Customs)

Painfully aware of all I do not know

of each mistake

of all my missing strengths

it isn’t even perfectionism

just the truth

that my brain can’t hold

all I wish it would

that my missing talents prevent

consistent excellence

like I love.

I love to excel

I love to impress

I’m most enamoured with

continuous progress

So much so that

I am regularly suprised

at how well I do perform

and how many people do

stick around and still love me

because I failed to appreciate

all I do know

all I can do

all I am

too distracted by

what isn’t me


© 2013 DarEll S. Hoskisson (dsh)