Notes to Self

Notes to Self

To beat depression symptoms: Start even if you don’t feel like it. Stop before time is up, before you want to or before you are exhausted.

Make a deal with yourself you only have to do it for five minutes. Small parts or time lengths. Starting is the hard part. Doing it actually feels better than avoiding it.

To prioritize: Remember that many things may equally or also be important. Don’t let one rob another.

To move forward: Permission includes both time and resources to make it happen or to get them. (Don’t be a wicked step-mother to yourself).

As a mother: Nice is not softening consequences. Fair is nice because it is fair for everyone.


Cotton Candy

Cotton Candy Making

Cotton Candy Making (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I watched my daughter

standing in line for cotton candy

at a school fundraising fair.

She was so kind,

she gave her place in line

to all the little children who came up behind her.

It quickly became clear

that she would NEVER get some, too;

and it would not have hurt a soul

if she’d just kept her place in line.

© 2013 DarEll S. Hoskisson (dsh)