Cotton Candy

Cotton Candy Making

Cotton Candy Making (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I watched my daughter

standing in line for cotton candy

at a school fundraising fair.

She was so kind,

she gave her place in line

to all the little children who came up behind her.

It quickly became clear

that she would NEVER get some, too;

and it would not have hurt a soul

if she’d just kept her place in line.

© 2013 DarEll S. Hoskisson (dsh)

2 thoughts on “Cotton Candy

  1. This visual is a reminder to me. I love to be too nice, often getting distracted “helping” to the point of NEVER getting to the things I want or need to do. Once again, I have to remember what I also want and keep my place in line! and I can face my greatest fear seeing clearly that it really will not hurt anyone for me to do that. I have to realize the cost of not living my own life is too great and is worth the cost of others waiting just a bit for their turn.


  2. I can be “too nice” too, and often it ends up not being a good thing – not only for me, but for others as well. It is good to have a kind heart and watch for those opportunities to help, but we also must be wise. Something someone told me once, was “what about if everyone was doing it?” That helps me see if what seems like a good thing is, or isn’t. If everyone was doing what she was doing, no one would ever get any cotton candy, everyone’s time would be wasted. The best thing, is to just each take our turn in line.


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