I’m Going Your Way

I’m Going Your Way

Haven't I seen your face before?
When last I walked this way,
I never noticed you.

I was blinded by other things
such small and nameless things
were you always there?

I couldn't see your wounds or scars,
you felt no warmth from me; of how,
could you ever call me, "friend?"

Neighbor, dear neighbor, what shall I do?  
Could the touch of my hand be his gift to you?
and have I walked by your way, saying others will stay?

When next I come,
will his work be done?
For today, I'm going your way.

His eyes were kind, they saw everything
and whene'er he walked my way,
He always noticed me.

I was sorrowing for many things
through pain and suffering
he was always there.

He could see every wound and scar
He gave new life to me; of how,
Could I ever serve my friend?

Neighbor, dear neighbor, yes, I will do.
May the touch of my hand be his gift to you.
And as I pass by your way, I will see you and pray

"Each time I come,
may his work be done.  
Dear Savior, I'm going your way." 

--DarEll S. Hoskisson



It isn’t that you

can’t hurt me or won’t.

It isn’t that you

can’t leave me or don’t.

The risk is real and


It is that I believe

that we will get through it somehow,

that although pain will come, it will be unintentional, and

that you are worth it.

–DarEll S. Hoskisson


No Matter What

Mothers, you shouldn’t have to see
your son’s great agony.

Mothers, you shouldn’t have to know
your son has nowhere else to go.

Mothers, you should never see
your hand-cuffed son–no longer free,

and Mothers, may you never see
his lifeless body.

Mothers, can all the pain be real?
What’s the point    to feel?

No, not the joy you planned.
Yet, somehow you stand.

–Somehow you stand.

Mothers, you’ve already won.
You love your son.

Yes, Mothers, he belongs to you.
Your love is true
–Will always be true.

© 2012 DarEll S. Hoskisson (dsh)