No Matter What

Mothers, you shouldn’t have to see
your son’s great agony.

Mothers, you shouldn’t have to know
your son has nowhere else to go.

Mothers, you should never see
your hand-cuffed son–no longer free,

and Mothers, may you never see
his lifeless body.

Mothers, can all the pain be real?
What’s the point    to feel?

No, not the joy you planned.
Yet, somehow you stand.

–Somehow you stand.

Mothers, you’ve already won.
You love your son.

Yes, Mothers, he belongs to you.
Your love is true
–Will always be true.

© 2012 DarEll S. Hoskisson (dsh)

2 thoughts on “No Matter What

  1. I have friends who are or have been in all these situations. It occurred to me how we all share in this pain of love and also how Christ’s mother could empathize with them all. At this moment, a dear child I love is in the hospital for 5 weeks with a major head injury, another child I love was handcuffed and removed from his home. Although this time these are not my personal children, they could be. It is all part of the role we share, dear mothers.


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