My first hurricane I wish I had…. or had known…..

This is a conglomerate of answers from a group of friends at my church feel free to add comments of your own:

Realized well water goes out with the power (needs power to run the pump)

Called or contacted friends (not everyone was without water for a week)

My freezer would defrost and flood

More blue ice, a bigger cooler, and less meat in the freezer

LED flashlights and lamps instead of candles. (flashlights can’t set the house on fire)

Made sure the roof was tight

Made a plan for my pets to evacuate

Topped off the gas tank BEFORE the storm hit

More bleach!!! 10+ gallons. Everything stinks when it’s hot

Believed the announcements and went to safety

A weather radio (NOAA)

My ID, insurance records, birth certificates, etc. with me

Separated the cars (less chance of both being trapped or damaged at least by the same tree, etc.)

Known how to use the camp stove and lantern

Filled the tub with water and used it to flush the toilet

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