March 2014:  Opportunity to Act

  • Trust yourself.  These are suggestions.  Do what you know is best for you and your family.   

Group Goal:  All group members will have enough water appropriately stored for 72 hrs (at least 3 gallons per person) by the end of April.  72 hr kits for all members will be complete by the end of August. 

Beginners (Greenies):  Set aside a regular time each week to think about preparedness.  Consider how you will store water and begin to gather and fill water containers.  Get at least 1 gallon of water appropriately stored for each member of your family by the end of March. 

Maintainers:  Evaluate your water supply.  If the containers are adequate, empty and refill them.  If not, make the adjustments needed.  Set a time once or twice a year that you will evaluate, rotate, or empty and refill your water supply.  Many people choose Spring and Fall as reminders for 72 hr kit evaluation and maintenance.


When you are finished getting or updating your water supply for 72 hrs, help others do the same.


1-Give a bottle or gallon of water to someone else along with the challenge of the month. 

2-Give extra water to a group leader who can gather them to distribute to those who confide a need for assistance. 

3—Give water to your neighbors for their hurricane preparedness

4—store more water than 72 hrs.  Get 1 weeks worth or more

5– buy a high quality filter, a large water barrel, or a rain barrel