Teaching an exercise

and cuing can be

just as simple

as using SAMSE

S for startupĀ body position

especially core, hands, and feet

Tell where to start the movement from

and your startup’s sweet

A-for alignment remember

the angle of limbs or core

which joints move and which stablilize

also compare to torso, limb or floor

M is for the movement

you stabilize to prepare

then control speed and ROM

exhale will get you there

S-is for safety you want to AVOID

excess movement–keep still joints stable

Excess speed, ROM too large or too small, also

Avoid breath holding even if able

E-Engage the working muscles

Name each moving joint prime mover

consciously engaging working muscles

proves you’re not a loser

When you are finished

remember to stretch

opposite joint action

opposes and is best.