Myakka Memories

The wind sways the tendrils
of old man’s beard
dangling overhead
in an eerie, undulating

It feels like
the forest is alive.
I’m driving underneath
colossal jelly fish
in a sci-fi, thriller show.

I march through
the snagging, thorny
weeds in search of
my missing treasures.

I find them in
the owl’s courtto April 21, 2013 Myakka 103
on a carpet of
golden palm fronds.

Who could judge
their disappearance
a crime after discovering
their treasure?

Climbing up on
the hammock
across the swaying,
hanging bridge,

Up the towerto April 21, 2013 Myakka 122
of stairs
that punctures
the canopy and
threads you to the
perch above them
I look down
on a sea of green,
a swaying, dizzying realm.

I think I’m floating
upside downto April 21, 2013 Myakka 117
with a sky of puffy,
green clouds overhead
and the ocean of blue
lapping at my back
and taking my hair
with the current
out to sea.
© 2013 DarEll S. Hoskisson