Reaching Out

I want to meet you.

I want to reach out to you.

My happiness skyrockets whenever  I can help anyone (myself included) to live well: healthy, wealthy, and wise.

I’ve always felt a strong interconnection with people.   I watch as one person will actually change the trajectory of another like a Sun or Black Hole causes a warp in the space/time fabric.  It is like us.  I feel part of it and want to share my experience with you and what I’ve learned.  I also want to learn from you and benefit from all you know, if you will share.

This is my attempt to do just that–to share.  I’m taking a step into the wide world with faith that there are so many friends there I can’t wait to meet.  With faith that you or someone you know might enjoy or benefit from association with a new friend.

If there is anything I want, it is that we can live well together.  I’m a wall breaker, and a bridge builder.  I love harmony and cooperation, but do not want to be coercive.  I respect your right to choose who you are and your world view.

One thought on “Reaching Out

  1. DarEll, I am so excited to see you spreading your wings! Don’t worry, you’ll figure out the technology thing. Excited to read all your thoughts. I’m already your biggest fan!


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