You’ve given me

eyes that see

the pain and suffering

all around me..

a heart that beats

with every other

and cares for each one

as their mother.

A daughter of Eve,

I cry to see

my friends,

my children,

so unhappy.

I want to hug

and cure and paste-

to fix each cause

of every sad face.

To help

each one

feel happy and free

because of how

you’ve blessed


A happy soul

in a sea of sad

I cannot cure.

If you healed them, too,

I’d be happier.

But even your

mighty hand

that holds the key

won’t force them

to take

what you give

for free.

And you know best

why we must


these griefs

that are somehow

better than a cure.

–DarEll S. Hoskisson

June 9, 2016


Mountain Climber type of guy

Mountain Climber type of guy (Photo credit: HikingArtist.com)

Flying across the finish line,
Floating into tomorrow,
I wonder if my feet will ever
touch the ground again.

How are you?
I’m awesome.
I feel fabulous.
I wish I could share.

It tastes so good,
no one could resist
going after some more.
At least I can’t.

I wish I could give it away,
but I can’t.
This fab fountain erupts
from the inside out.

Hard work, skinned knees,
talking back to
discouragement and,
persevering are SO worth it.

A guttural scream of happiness
escapes me as I reach
for the sky.

Gimme some more.
I love to learn.
Love to earn.
feels so good on me!

© 2013 DarEll S. Hoskisson